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High Priest Vovim Baghie – Official Website

High Priest Vovim Baghie - Official Website

High Priest Vovim Baghie – Official Website: http://www.vovimbaghie.com/

Free Resources For Our People!

Since we have been harassed by some xian\jew parasite with nothing to do but report useless copyright violations we have had to remove the e-Books that were on Our Site. All e-Books that we once hosted were available on literally 100+ other websites, however since we are Satanic, we of course were harassed and forced into removing the e-books.

This Blog however will serve as a substitute and we will be putting any and all important e-Books that have to do with Magick, the Soul, and the Use of our Satanic Power on this Blog. If this Blog is shutdown please notify me as I will just start up another one.

-Hail Father Satan! Hail Malphas-sama!
Hail Horus-sama! Hail Azazel-sama!
Hail Astaroth-sama! Hail Lilith-sama!
Hail Clistheret-sama!
Hail All The Mighty Gods Of Duat!