Hail Our Almighty Father Satan! Hail All The Mighty Gods of Duat! 88!


Free Resources For Our People!

Since we have been harassed by some xian\jew parasite with nothing to do but report useless copyright violations we have had to remove the e-Books that were on Our Site. All e-Books that we once hosted were available on literally 100+ other websites, however since we are Satanic, we of course were harassed and forced into removing the e-books.

This Blog however will serve as a substitute and we will be putting any and all important e-Books that have to do with Magick, the Soul, and the Use of our Satanic Power on this Blog. If this Blog is shutdown please notify me as I will just start up another one.

-Hail Father Satan! Hail Malphas-sama!
Hail Horus-sama! Hail Azazel-sama!
Hail Astaroth-sama! Hail Lilith-sama!
Hail Clistheret-sama!
Hail All The Mighty Gods Of Duat!